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Yellowstone Wildlife & Scenic Tour

BrushBuck Guide Services’ Yellowstone National Park Wildlife and Scenic tour is centered on wildlife within Yellowstone National Park. Our guests will spend a full day within Yellowstone National Park, taking time to observe wildlife Yellowstone's several valleys and mountainous areas as well. We will also stop at The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to view the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. Yellowstone National Park’s history, geology, wildfires and wildlife will also be discussed in detail throughout the tour. A picnic style lunch will be provided or, if the there is inclement weather, we will stop at Canyon Village to dine.  The total length of this tour is between 10 and 12 hours.

Private Tour Prices
Party Size 1-2 3 4 5 6
Total Price $700 $775 $850 $925 $1000

• With groups of 7 or more, please call for pricing

• *Does Not Include Park Entrance Fee.

Tour Includes

Hotel pickup, snacks, refreshments, lunch, binoculars for each guest, and spotting scopes. *Excludes Park Entry fee. The park entry fee is $12.00 per adult (16 and up), good for seven days & is transferable to both National Parks.

Tour Availability

Late April through October

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: 25% of deposit will be withheld outside of 48 hours; within 48 hours the entire deposit will be withheld.


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What They're Saying...

" We took a 10-12 hour Yellowstone wildlife photo tour. Our guide, Clint, spotted more distant wildlife with the naked eye than we could have imagined, and had binoculars whose optics exceeded our cameras' telephoto zoom lenses. And the close-in spottings were many; multiple bison herds crossing the road between cars, oblivious to our presence, and so close we had to dial back the camera lenses. There were four Brushbuck guides in contact with each other that day, advising each other of conditions to warrant a visit to specific park locations (or not)... The four private tours met up at lunch and enjoyed relaying experiences before going our separate ways for the day. As we exited the park for the evening, Clint spotted a male elk challenge, and we stopped to watch the dominant buck bugling and posturing to the smaller male, as four female elk lay in the rushes near a river. We would definitely recommend this company; very professional and accommodating. "